Easter Island for Kids: Family Fun at the End of the Earth

Easter Island takes a bit of planning and a leap of faith to get to, but it was an amazing destination for our family. The Isla de Pascua airport is considered the most remote airport in the world, and is over 2,000 miles from its closest connection Santiago, Chile. Once you arrive, it can be magical, if not a bit overwhelming to know that aside from the seldom flights in and out, you are truly apart from the rest of the world.

Horses roaming freely on the roads of Easter Island

We found driving the best way to get around Easter Island. Arriving in the crowded open air terminal, we held our breath for a moment, but were pleasantly relieved to find our Suzuki Jeep with a car seat in place from Insular Car Rental.

Navigating the roads on Easter Island was easy, and driving to and from the airport at the time of a plane arrival was the most traffic we saw the whole time we were there. Caution is recommended after dark as horses and cows roam freely on the island.

The lovely Cabanas Morerava where we spent five nights.

We stayed in the Cabanas Morerava which we highly recommend. We had a beautiful cabin and were hosted by a lovely family who prepared a pack and play for our son, and had a lovely breakfast for us every morning. My son enjoyed meeting the chickens that roamed freely around the property every morning.

We spent five nights total in Easter Island. This is likely longer than average, but we found it perfect for the pace of our family. Easter island is small, only 10 miles at its widest, and takes only an hour to drive around in a loop. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful sites to explore and we found ourselves relaxed but busy and never bored when we were there. We chose one or two destinations to see each morning and usually would return to our cabana for an afternoon nap, then venturing out for an evening meal.

A special playground away from it all in Hanga Roa

What makes Easter Island so special for families? Our perfect equation for a great family destination is one with spectacular scenery where our little ones can be free and safe to roam and explore. Easter island was just that. With breathtaking beaches, fascinating relics, and an island free to exploration, we would recommend this adventure to anyone with young children.

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