The New Smyrna Dog Beach: A Day at Smyrna Dunes Park

New Smyrna Beach has miles of spectacular sand to spend the day. However, it keeps its crown jewel for its dogs to enjoy. The best New Smyrna dog beach is at the tip of the island in Smyrna Dunes Park.

From beautiful views of the Ponce Inlet lighthouse, to the crashing waves of the ocean, Smyrna Dunes Park has it all. If you are looking for a dog friendly beach in New Smyrna to enjoy with your canine pal, don’t miss spending some time at Smyrna Dunes Park.

dog under an umbrella by the bay at Smyrna Dunes park

Where is the New Smyrna Dog Beach located?

Smyrna Dunes Park is located at the very northern aspect of New Smyrna Beach. If coming over the north causeway and entering Flagler Avenue, turn left on North Peninsula Drive. After about a two mile drive past the beautiful houses of North Beach, you will reach the entrance of the park.

The New Smyrna Dog Beach is only 2 miles from downtown New Smyrna and Flagler Avenue, making it a great day trip with easy access to dog friendly restaurants for breakfast or lunch.

We recommend Outriggers which has its own dog menu, and is one of the nicest restaurants by the water in New Smyrna Beach. River Deck also is very dog friendly, and has nice views of the water.

How do I find a New Smyrna Dunes Park Map?

map of Smyrna Dunes Park

Click here for a PDF of the Smyrna Dunes Park Map.

How is Smyrna Dunes Park parking?

There are several small sand lots at the park. They do fill up fast particularly on holidays, so if you want to make the most of your trip, we suggest going during the week, or getting there early on the weekend.

cocker spaniel resting on a towel on the New Smyrna dog beach

How much does the New Smyrna Beach dog beach cost?

A day at Smyrna Dunes Park costs only $10 dollars per vehicle. An annual pass costs $20.

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What hours is the New Smyrna Dog Beach open?

February 1st through daylight savings time, the park opens at 6 AM and closes at 7:30. From the start of daylight savings time until September, the park extends its hours to 9 PM.

October 1st through November 30th, park hours are 6 AM – 7:30 PM, and December 1st through January 31st, park hours are 6 AM – 6 PM.

Double Check Hours here: Smyrna Dunes Park

little boy at ponce inlet with lighthouse in the background

What is the best time of day to go to the New Smyrna dog beach?

The best time of the day to go to this dog-friendly New Smyrna beach is definitely the morning. The elevated boardwalks are breathtaking, and open to the dogs up until 10 AM. If you go in the morning, you ensure you can take your pup on the boardwalk, and also ensure you get parking before the park fills up in the afternoon.

What are the New Smyrna Dog Beach rules?

Dogs must be leashed at all times. This allows safety and security to all visitors who come to the park. Also, dogs are not allowed on the raised boardwalks after 10 AM. We recommend if you want to take full advantage of the park, to go early so you can take advantage of the boardwalk as it provides some beautiful views.

wet dog in the water at the New Smyrna dog beach

What should I know before I go to the New Smyrna dog beach?

This beach requires a significant amount of walking. It is a significant distance from the parking lot to the beach. We recommend if you plan to spend the day, bring a cart to carry your beach gear.

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Know that the first exit off of the path will take you to a dock but not to the beach. The second exit will take you to a small stretch of beach that is along the intercoastal. Here you will see some of the best views of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Occasionally, depending on the tide and the dunes, it can be difficult to get to the ocean this way but if you are lucky, you can walk all the way around the inlet and take in breathtaking vistas. If you are determined to get to the beach, go straight all the way to the beach exit at the end of the boardwalk.

The boardwalk loop is 1.6 miles. It is recommended to do this if you get there before 10 AM. After 10 AM, dogs are no longer allowed on the boardwalk.

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