40 Best Camping Gifts for Kids in 2022

Do you have a kid that loves to camp? This is our list of products and gifts that the camping child in your life will love. This list of camping gifts for kids is based on products that we have used ourselves. We hope you find something unique and special on our list of kids camping gift ideas.

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Cool Camping Gear Kids will Love

Kids who love camping like to have gear to call their own. The best camping gifts for kids are usable, durable, fun. Below are some fun gift ideas for kids who love camping.

Kid’s Yeti Water Bottle

YETI has branched out and made a bottle for all the kids that camp alongside their parents. It comes in awesome colors and is just as durable and reliable as adult products.

Melissa and Doug Camping Chair

Nothing perfects the campsite like a kid’s own chair to sit in. These adorable Melissa and Doug chairs are comfortable, cute, and durable making them the perfect camping gift for kids.

Munchkin Camping Sippy Cup

These supply cups are adorable, and the perfect camping gift for a toddler joining their family on their first camping trip.

Kid Sized Hammock by WiseOwl

These six foot and a half long hammocks are amazingly designed just for kids. They pack down to just 13 oz, and are easy to transport. These are an amazing gift for kids or families who like to camp.

Glow in the Dark Tubes

These Glow Tubes can be molded in any a kid can imagine, and will light up a camp site night with fun and color.  They have a long lasting battery life, and are the perfect camping gift for kids.

Camelbak Bottle

Camelbak has joined the kids space also with some adorably designed water bottles perfect for kids who like camping. Camping families are comfortable with the reliability of the Camelbak brand, and these bottles don’t disappoint.

Animal Flashlights

These animal flashlights are adorable, and kids will love playing with them on camping evenings. The come in several different animal themes, and are the perfect gift for kids who like camping.

Utensil Kit

This is a cute knife, fork, and spoon set that comes in several different animal themes. It is perfect for camping kids, but also is just a great gift for kids who want to put it in their lunchbox for school.

Colored Flames

This is one of the best ways to make camping fun for kids. These flame coloring packs turn campfires really neat colors like green and purple. They are the perfect gift for any family or kid who loves camping.

Camping Toys for Children

There is no better way to prepare for a camping trip than to experiment with gear. These camping gift ideas for kids are the best camping toys we have seen. Allowing your child to experience camping in the comfort of home makes camping trips easier and more fun.

Melissa and Doug Outdoor Cooking Play Set

The Melissa and Doug Let’s Explore Set is high quality, and simulates the experience of camping for kids. Kids would love to bring this along to play on their next camping trip.

Aokiwo 45 Piece Camping Set

Our kids have this set and absolutely love it. It has really neat details like a light up lantern and camping stove, as well as foldable camping utensils. This is one of the best kids camping gifts we have seen.

Fisher-Price S’mores Set

This fabric toy is one of the best camping gifts for todd. ers. Toddlers can pretend to roast marshmallows in preparation for their next camping trip.

Lego Duplo Camping Adventure Set

This adorable Duplo camping set is the perfect gift for a little kid who loves camping. Kids will love placing their figures in the tent and cooking over the miniature campfire.

Fisher-Price Camping Baby Toy Set

These adorable baby camping themed teether’s are a great gift for a baby whose family loves camping. If looking for a baby camping gift, this is a great option.

Playmobil Family Camping Trip Playset

Our family loves Playmobil due to its sturdiness and high quality. The detail of this set makes it the perfect camping gift for kids elementary school age.

Lego Friends Glamping Set

For the little girl that loves camping, this is the perfect camping kids gift. This glamping set has adorable details like a lantern, campfire, and a hot tub.

Educational Insights Grill and Go Camping Stove

This is a really cool camping gift for kids, with realistic sounds that allow kids to feel like they are grilling right. along side of you.

Learning Resources Camping Campfire Kit

This is one of the best camping gifts for toddlers. This little set has a campfire, lantern, and s’mores, and comes with a great carrying bag making it easy to take on a camping trip.

Polly Pocket Owlnite Campsite Toy

This Polly Pocket camping toy is the perfect camping gift for kids. It is cute, portable, and perfect to bring for entertainment at the campsite.

Unique Tools for Kids Camping Gift Ideas

Kids love to. get in on the action when caping. These camping tools are great camping gifts for kids, and they will be sure to bring them along on their next camping adventure.

Carson X-Scope 7 Function Multipurpose

This cool gadget includes a telescope, microscope, flashlight, magnifying glass, whistle, compass, and clock. This is the perfect camping gift for kids, as it has no sharp tools, but is really fun to use!

Think Peak Binoculars

These binoculars are made by a family business from Colorado, and come in multiple colors, perfect for kid hands. They are specifically designed for quality and durability, and make a great camping gift id

Backyard Safari 6 in 1 Field Tools

This neat set of “field tools” is great for young explorers and includes a spade, brush, magnet, magnifying mirror, whistle and clip. This is a fun first tool set for young kids interesting in camping and adventuring.

Victorinox Kid Swiss Army Knife

The perfect pocket knife for kids that want to grow up, but need to stay safe. The knife has a blade with a rounded tip, bottle opener, screw driver, fork, spoon, and magnifying glass, and is from none other than Victorinox.

Nature Explorer’s Kit

This nature explorer’s kit is a great kid camping gift best for elementary age kids. It comes with a carrying case, binoculars, compass, magnifying glass, and a flashlight, and is sturdy and compact to go on an adventure easily.

Orienteering Compass

For a kid wanting to learn to use a real compass, this compass is lightweight, durable, and great for hiking and camping. Kids can learn to navigate a map, and enjoy moving and watching the compass change.

LitezAll Owl Camping Lantern & Headlamp

This super cute lantern headlamp combo is the perfect kid camp gift for any child interested in camping. It works as a great nightlight or flashlight, and has a sweet, fun theme that kids will enjoy.

Fox Headlamp Sun Company

This fleece headlamp is really unique and not only keeps kids warm but lights the way on a camping trip. It also comes in bear, deer, and wolf designs, and is the perfect camping gift for kids.

Lighted Beanie Hat

Another great solution to keep warm, and keep things flowing at night, this beanie hat is a great gift for kids who enjoy camping. It comes in a variety of colors and is kid sized.

Camping Clothes and Accessories that make Great Gifts

Kids who love camping like to have gear to call their own. The best camping gifts for kids are usable, durable, fun. Below are some fun gift ideas for kids who love camping.

Happy Little Camper

This adorable t-shirt makes a great camping gift for girls or boys.

S’mores Earrings

Nothing says camping kids like s’mores. These s’mores earrings are fun, playful, and cute, and are the perfect camping gift for young girls.

Camping Charm Bracelet

This unique camping charm bracelet is cute, classy and the perfect gift for an elementary or preteen girl who loves to go camping.

S’mores Pajamas

These s’mores pajamas are adorable and unique, and would be the perfect gift for a kid who loves camping.

Gerber Camping Pajamas

For the youngest campers, these Gerber camping pajamas are a perfect camping gift for toddlers. They can sleep under the stars and enjoy these cozy, cute pajamas by the campfire.

Smartwool Socks

Smartwool has the highest quality warm wool clothing, and these smartwool socks made specifically for kids don’t disappoint. They would make the perfect camping presents for kids.

Outdoor Research Hat

Outdoor research, well known for. high qualy adult products, has now branched into the kids market with hats that are equal in quality. These camping hats are a great gift for kids.

Smores Socks

S’mores socks are one of the best camping gift id. as for kids. Kids can bring the socks camping, or wear them at home to remind them of their adventures.

Camping Rain Boots

Rain boots are one of the best camping gift ideas for kids. These camping boots are adorable, with a fun, camping themed print that kids will love.

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