Epcot with Toddlers: A Complete Guide from Rides to Strollers

Imagine lounging in a Venetian piazza at dusk sipping on Italian wine while your toddler takes a long nap in the stroller next to you.  Imagine doing it in Disney World!  This is one of many great experiences you can find in Epcot.  Epcot allows adults have fun, without worrying about having a toddler by their side.  Many families wonder, is Epcot good for toddlers?  The answer is yes!  

Are you taking the leap on a family Disney vacation with a toddler?  Planning for Disney can be overwhelming.  Here is our guide to traveling to Epcot with toddlers.  

Getting around Epcot with Toddlers

One thing to know about Epcot with toddlers is there is a lot of walking.  From one end of the park to the other is 1.7 miles, and the average person visiting Epcot walks 8.1 miles in a day!   Unless you have a super toddler, a stroller is a must.  Every attraction has stroller parking, and its relatively easy to navigate the wide paths of Epcot with a stroller in tow.  

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Strollers are a must. Trust us!!!

Even if you weren’t planning to rent a stroller in other parks, Epcot is a place to consider it.  It acts not only as transportation, but a great place for your toddler to nap in the middle of the day.  Naps at Epcot mean time for grown ups to enjoy a drink in the World Showcase without interruption.

Undercover Tourist

There are four options for strollers in Disney World.  You can bring one from home, rent one in Orlando, rent one in the parks, or buy one once you get there.  This blog post from another mom summarizes all of the things to consider:  Renting a Stroller at Disney: What you Need to Know.

If you decide to rent a stroller in the park, single strollers are $15 per day, $13 if rented for multiple days.  Double strollers cost $31 per day, and are discounted to $27 per day if rented several days.  Here is the link to current Disney stroller rental rates:  Disney Stroller Rentals.  

Best Epcot Rides for Toddlers

There are multiple attractions good for toddlers at Epcot.  Be sure to book your fast passes ahead of time for things that get busy.  While most of the rides for toddlers in Epcot have short lines, we recommend you book a Fast Pass for Frozen Ever After where the average wait can be 50 minutes.  This is our list of the best rides at Epcot for toddlers.

Epcot is divided into Future World and the World Showcase. We recommend starting in Future World as there is lots to do for toddlers here. By the afternoon, line up nap time with hitting the World Showcase and you will be able to enjoy a drink and a snack with the best sidekick, a sleeping toddler!

Best Epcot Rides for Toddlers in Future World:

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a 15-minute ride that takes you into the “Epcot Ball”. It is slow moving and perfect for toddlers. The ride itself takes you on a journey through time following human communication as it has developed. Toddlers will love interacting with the screen where they can choose their own future. Make sure to angle your toddler’s face just right for the photo they take if you want some hilarious pictures of them at the end of the ride! Ride waits can be long depending on the time of day. Consider booking a fast pass or circling back if there is more than a 30-minute wait.

Spaceship Earth

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

One of the best rides at Epcot for toddlers is the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  This ride takes you on a journey under the sea through the Finding Nemo story.  Toddlers will love the music and the familiar characters.  At the end, one of the coolest parts of the ride is seeing Nemo and Friends swimming inside their 5.7 million gallon aquarium.  

Living Seas pavilion

After exiting the ride, the Living Seas Pavillion is a great place to spend some time with a toddler at Epcot. There is a cool play area where kids can get photos in the jaws of Bruce the Shark. There are also several exhibits that toddlers can explore with animals from sea turtles, to manatees, to dolphins.

Bruce the Shark Play Area

If you are looking for another attraction to rest and cool off, Turtle Talk with Crush within the Living Seas pavilion is very cute for toddlers.  Kids get the chance to interact with Crush the turtle and ask him questions about his life.  There Is typically a wait to get into the show, but the waiting area has activities to keep the kids entertained.  

The Land

Another great thing to do at Epcot for toddlers is to explore the Land pavilion. The Land pavilion houses a 15 minute boat ride that takes kids on a journey through different biomes, and ends with the Land greenhouse. My kids love to try to identify the different fruits and vegetables growing in the greenhouse.

The Land Pavillion

If you reserve ahead, the Garden Grill upstairs from the ride offers meals with characters, and rotates through the same environments you experience on the ride.


Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey to Imagination – ImageWorks

Journey into Imagination is definitely one of my kids’ favorite rides, and easily one of the best Epcot rides for toddlers.  You are taken on a journey into the Institute where your children will learn about their five senses.  Half-way through the ride, Figment the dragon hijacks it, and this is where the fun begins.  Kids love seeing Figment’s upside-down house, including Figment in a bathtub, and Figment cooking in a kitchen on the ceiling.

Perhaps the best part of this pavilion is the area after the Figment ride.  One of the best things to do at Epcot with toddlers is to explore the activities in ImageWorks.  Our kids love the stepping stones that play a different instrument with each step.  They also love creating their own Figment using the available touchscreens.  

The Best Attractions in the World Showcase with Toddlers

Plenty to do in the World Showcase

Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavillion

This is one of the best rides at Epcot for toddlers. The Gran Fiesta Tour stars the Three Caballeros, and takes toddlers on a boat journey through Mexico. Kids will love the music and Donald Duck humor. Our kids particularly love one part of the ride that looks very much like It’s a Small World, but centeres around Mexican life. The ride ends with fireworks and a concert performance by the Three Caballeros.

Gran Fiesta Tour Mexico Pavillion

Adult tip, housed in the Mexican Pavillion is the Cava Del Tequila, with the best margaritas in Epcot.   Stop by and get a drink for the road, it’ worth it!

Best Epcot Margaritas – Cava Del Tequila

Frozen Ever After 

Frozen Ever After located in Norway is a kid themed ride following the movie Frozen.  It is a good ride in Epcot for toddlers.  That being said, if your toddler isn’t in to Frozen, and there is a long line, we would recommend skipping this.  The ride lasts only five minutes, and it is often crowded mostly due to hype around the movies.

Village Traders

Drums at Village Traders

Located between China and Germany, the Village Traders is a great spot to stop in Epcot with toddlers.  The assortment of African themed musical instruments allow for an interactive area for toddlers to dance and bang their hearts out while making really cool sounds.  There are also several tables in the area that tend to be less occupied if you are looking to snag a seat for a rest.

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Kidcot is a fun activity for toddlers and young children to participate in throughout the World Showcase.  Each of the 11 country pavilions in the World Showcase has a Kidcot stop with coloring activities and a special traveler’s card from that country.  Toddlers will enjoy coloring and finding each table, and older siblings will love collecting a card from every country.  

Caring for Toddlers at Epcot : Epcot Baby Care Center

One of the biggest challenge for toddlers at Epcot is navigating diapers and potty training. Epcot has you covered. Every Walt Disney World Park including Epcot has designated Baby Care Centers equipped with private nursing rooms, changing tables, feeding areas with high chairs and kitchens with microwaves and sinks.

Knowing that some toddler items are easy to forget, these stations have on-site shops equipped with formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreens and over the counter medicines. It is these extra touches that really place Epcot and other Disney World Parks one step above as the perfect place to bring toddlers.

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