A Complete Guide to New Smyrna Beach

Flagler Avenue new smyrna beach
Flagler Avenue, NSB

With 17 miles of sandy white beaches, New Smyrna Beach a well-kept secret among Florida residents. Enjoy beautiful nature, delicious restaurants, and great shopping in a walkable, friendly community. This is our guide to NSB from the closest airport to New Smyrna Beach, to the best hotels in town.


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What is the closest airport to New Smyrna Beach, FL?

Daytona International Airport

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The closest airport to New Smyrna Beach is Daytona International Airport.  A short 20-minute drive from NSB, Daytona is the one of the easiest and best airports near New Smyrna Beach Fl to fly into.  With a small 6 gate domestic terminal, the Daytona airport is easy, convenient, and fast.  Definitely consider flying in and out of Daytona if you can find a connecting flight in Atlanta or Charlotte.

Sanford International Airport

The next airport closest to New Smyrna Beach is Sanford International Airport.  A base for Allegiant Air, Sanford has direct flights to multiple small airports around the country.  It is small, and good for low stress travel.  A 40-minute drive from NSB, Sanford is a great airport close to New Smyrna Beach that is less busy than its large counterpart in Orlando.

Orlando International Airport

The largest airport close to New Smyrna Beach is Orlando International Airport.  About an hour drive from New Smyrna, Orlando is easy to find cheap flights from most areas of the country and services over 30 airlines.  Be prepared though, in servicing Disney World, Orlando’s security lines are often a nightmare.   We also recommend when driving to New Smyrna Beach that you take 528 instead of I4.  I4 is notorious for tourists, aggressive driving, and accidents.  If you can avoid it during your Florida stay, we recommend it!

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How to Drive to New Smyrna Beach?

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Many people consider visiting New Smyrna Beach from other cities.  New Smyrna Beach is a great daytrip.  Here is the distance to New Smyrna Beach from other major cities in Florida:

Jacksonville to New Smyrna Beach : 1h 36 minutes 107 miles

Tampa to New Smyrna Beach: 2 hr 18 minutes 139 miles

Orlando to New Smyrna Beach: 55 minutes 55 miles

Daytona Beach to New Smyrna Beach: 14 miles 22 minutes

Miami to New Smyrna Beach: 3 hr 30 minutes 246 miles

Gainesville to New Smyrna Beach: 2 hours 9 minutes 117 miles

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Where to Stay at New Smyrna Beach?

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There are many choices when staying in New Smyrna Beach Fl.   There are several great hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area.  There are also airbnbs and condo rentals that you can choose from.

Our favorite spots to stay in New Smyrna Beach are:

The Black Dolphin Inn:  If you are looking for a bed and breakfast, New Smyrna Beach offers some lovely choices.  The Black Dolphin Inn has impeccable decor, beautiful intercoastal views, and some of the best breakfast in town.  It is the most luxurious and romantic New Smyrna Beach bed and breakfast. 

The Hampton Inn: The Hampton Inn is one of the best Flagler Avenue hotels in New Smyrna Beach. Clean, quiet, and convenient, the Hampton Inn is in the best location in town.  From the hotel you can walk to most New Smyrna Beach restaurants and shops.  Hot breakfast is provided, and the salt water pool provides a nice place to relax after a day of exploring.

Springhill Suites:  Springhill Suites provides oceanfront views with suite style rooms that are perfect for groups or families. Springhill Suites is one of the best hotels in New Smyrna Beach, and is right at the beach entrance on Flagler Avenue.  Restaurants and galleries are all walking distance, and this is a perfect spot to stay for a New Smyrna Beach vacation. 

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Can you Drive on New Smyrna Beach?

Yes!  New Smyrna Beach is one of the few places left where you can take your vehicle on the beach.  The beach is open to cars from sunrise to sunset November through April, and 8 AM to 7 PM May through October.  

Daily entry to drive on New Smyrna Beach is $20 per vehicle.  An annual pass for residents is $25, and for non-residents it is $100.  

Are Dogs Allowed on New Smyrna Beach?

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No.   Dogs aren’t allowed on the main entrance points at New Smyrna Beach, however New Smyrna Dunes Park is dog friendly.  This New Smyrna dog friendly beach is a great place to spend the day with your pooch.  See our blog post: Spend A Day at Smyrna Dunes Park: The New Smyrna Dog Friendly Beach.

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