Spain with a Baby or Toddler

We were sitting in Seville, at 10 PM at a tapas bar with our 5 month old on our lap, my husband drinking a beer and me a glass of Rioja, taking turns munching on fresh Manchego.  We were surrounded by the joyous bustle of other families, some with babies, others with school aged children, savoring their drinks, lounging over their meals, laughing, enjoying each other.

Spain gets it.  

Perhaps part of our love of travel comes from escaping the monotony of what America expects of family life.  The moment you have children you are relegated to a routine of chain restaurants, shopping malls, and early bedtimes.

In baby friendly Spain, the children are everywhere, and families experience things together. Traveling to Spain with kids was refreshing, and it is a truly wonderful place to take your child on a memorable vacation. Here are our top tips for traveling to Spain with a baby.

Tips for Traveling to Spain with a Baby

Take advantage of siesta

The most amazing thing about traveling to Spain with a baby is siesta.  We were able to explore every morning, and then retire for some alone time in the afternoon during which the baby would nap.  When we were ready to go out again, the towns would be back to their action, and it was like the whole country was right on an infant’s napping schedule.

Pack Light

This fits our philosophy with all of our baby travel, but we managed to fit all we needed in one suitcase, and relied on purchasing items when we got there.

We highly recommend the Uppa Baby G-LITE Stroller which weighs only 18 pounds and collapses with in an instant.  We ran our G-LITE into the ground, and it has been our go to travel stroller for both of our kids.

luggage for spain with a baby
Luggage for Spain

Buy Supplies When You Get There

When traveling to Spain with kids, remember that children live everywhere, including in Spain!  Diapers, wipes, formula, food, snacks, anything you might need can be easily purchased with one trip to the pharmacy or supermarket.  We make a habit of bringing enough baby supplies for three days, and then scouting out the local store to restock.

We found the best place for baby supplies was the “Farmacia”, Spanish pharmacies, relatively easy to find due to their large green cross signs.

I called ahead at all hotels to ensure they had a baby crib available.  This worked out well, and saved us the need to bring a travel crib or pack and play.

Baby on Train from Madrid to Seville
Baby on Train from Madrid to Seville

Take trains

We found the train system in Spain easy to navigate, and we relied on trains and walking to get us through our itinerary so we could forgo the need for a carseat.  We recommend booking tickets online ahead of time on the Renfe system.  Print your tickets before you travel, and be sure to check in once you arrive at the train station.  We made the mistake of not doing so, and almost missed our train trying to get the necessary signatures on our tickets to let us ride.

Don’t Be Afraid of Restaurants

Everywhere we went in Spain was kid friendly, and we saw families with toddlers late in the evenings in bars and tapas restaurants.  Don’t be afraid to go out to eat with your baby in Spain, you will be welcomed, and have an amazing experience.

Best Gear for Travel with a Baby in Spain?

We highly recommend the UPPAbaby G-LITE for international travel.  It weighs in at only 18.7 pounds, and has an easy collapsing mechanism where you pinch the rings on the handles and it rapidly turns into a shape you can carry on your shoulder.  The UPPAbaby G-LITE has treated us well through our travels, and if you are looking for a lightweight stroller that can hold up on long trips, this is the one.

Spain with our UPPA Baby G-LITE
Seville with our UPPA Baby G-LITE

While we recommend trying to coordinate cribs at hotels so you can minimize your gear, this Lotus Travel Crib has been a life saver for us on some trips.  On trips where we aren’t confident in the presence of a good crib, this Lotus Travel Crib converts into a backpack, making it easy to carry and pack.  It is great quality, and has lasted our family for seven years and two kids.

This BECO Gemini Baby Carrier was our go to method of transporting our little one around Spain.  It rests comfortably on your hips, and was adjustable so both me and my husband could use it.  It also has the ability to do both back facing and forward facing, which is nice if the baby wants to take a nap.  It was easy to take off, wrap up, and stick in our back pack if we weren’t using it.  We recommend the BECO Gemini Baby Carrier if you are looking for an easy, versatile carrier for international travel.

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier in Spain
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier in Spain

We committed early that in all aspects parenting, me and my husband would be equals.  In looking for a diaper bag that was practical, spacious, and not feminine, I didn’t find a lot of options.  This Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag is practical, sizeable, and durable to hold up to international travel.

What are the Best Family Places in Spain?


With beautiful Moorish architecture, vast parks, and walkable cities, Andalusia is one of the best places to visit in Spain with kids.  The capital city Seville, one of the best family destinations in Spain, can be reached in just under three hours via high speed train from Madrid.   From there, you can take local trains to the surrounding cities of Cordoba, Grenada, Malaga, Tarifa, or Cadiz.

If considering a 2 week trip to this region, we recommend this 14 day Spain Itinerary:


Madrid 3 nights -> Seville 5 nights -> Grenada 2 nights -> Cordoba 2 nights ->Madrid 1 night



If you prefer a city destination for your journey, Barcelona is one of the best family destinations in Spain.  Walkable, with interesting architecture, delicious food, and outdoor parks, exploring Barcelona with a baby is easy and rewarding.  Barcelona with a toddler is also an easy family trip, and there are museums, parks, and even an aquarium that younger children will enjoy.

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