Savannah Things To Do With Kids

Thinking of visiting Savannah with kids? Just go! Savannah is one of our favorite southern cities to visit as a family. There are fun activities in and around the city for every age, from baby, to toddler, to teen, and there is a liberal open container law to keep moms and dads happy! Here are our top favorite Savannah things to do with kids.

1. Take a Nature Walk at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center

I had this further down the list, but had to move it to number one, because this is by far the best thing to do near Savannah with kids, and it is a bit of a secret. The Oatland Island Wildlife Center hosts a 2.1 mile walk through the scenic low lands of Georgia, and hosts 150 different species of animals, many in habitats resembling their natural environment. The experience is unlike any other we have seen, and it provides education for kids and peaceful scenery for adults. Don’t think twice, go visit!

2. Explore the Tunnels of Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski is a great destination with kids. The fort is located in a breathtaking location on Cockspur Island, conveniently situated on the drive from Savannah to Tybee Island. Kids will love adventuring through the nooks and crannies of the fort and parents will appreciate the history and the beautiful setting.

3. Eat Pralines at Savannah Candy Kitchen

No trip to Savannah with kids is complete without a trip to this legendary candy store. Sample some of their famous pralines, or choose from a huge array of chocolate dipped treats including our son’s favorite – chocolate covered marshmallows. There are two locations in the city, one in City Market and the other on River Street.

4. Channel your Inner Buccaneer at the Pirate’s House

If you are looking for an easy meal where your family can don an eyepatch and a pirate hat while drinking rum punch out of a skull mug, this place is for you.

The Pirate’s House has been around since 1753. They have secret tunnels that are rumored to have been used for smuggling and kidnapping. While the food is basic, The Pirate’s house is one of our favorite places to eat with kids in Savannah.

5. Meander along the Haunted Paths of Bonaventure Cemetery

If you are looking for a morning walk with the kids in Savannah, be sure to Colonial Park Cemetary. The history is intriguing and the kids will appreciate the space to stretch their legs. As a bonus, there is a small playground in the southeast corner.

6. Reminisce over Vintage Toys at Planet Fun

Planet Fun is our favorite family store in downtown Savannah. Comic books and vintage toys and collectibles abound, and we love to wander and show our kids the relics from our childhood. There are always buckets full of dollar toys that the kids can choose from, and despite being a collectible shop they are really pretty kid friendly.

7. Play! At the Savannah Children’s Museum

Visit the Savannah Children’s Museum for an easy outdoor day of fun and play. There are great activities for kids, and there are several areas where the kids can play and explore. The Georgia State Railroad museum is on the same property, so if your child is interested in vehicles, step over there to explore some giant trains.

8. Wander at the Wormsloe Historic Site

The Wormsloe Historic Site houses ruins on an expansive estate near Savannah. While a bit off the beaten path, this is a gem with hiking trails, historic reinactments and several areas the kids can explore. Wormsloe is a great day trip if visiting Savannah with kids providing fresh air and beautiful natural scenery.

On your way back to town, check out the Wyld Dock Restaurant. One of our favorite kid friendly restaurants in Savannah, Its a great place for families to enjoy some beautiful low country scenery and some delicious snacks and drinks.

9. Dip your Toes in the Sand at Tybee Island

Visiting Tybee island is a fun-filled relaxing Savannah activity with kids. Visit the pier to get some ice cream for the young ones and a rum runner for the grown-ups (beware, cash only!). Then, spend a couple of minutes visiting the rehabbing turtles at Tybee island marine science center. Tybee is a breath of salt air that takes you away from the pace of downtown Savannah, and is a great way to spend a day with kids.

10. Sip Coffee and Photograph Fountains

One of the nicest treats in Savannah with kids can be finding a morning to pick up a coffee (I recommend a Mexican Mocha from Coffee Fox) to sip and stroll. Just breathe and take in the quaint beauty of the squares in the historic district. Moments can become memories when little ones frolic in the greenery, and pose perfectly in front of the beautiful fountains that adorn the city.

11. Have a Grown Up Night Out

Ok, I couldn’t resist. We are firm believers that time together makes us better parents. The final best thing to do with kids in Savannah is to get one of the kind and caring babysitters available from Guardian Angels Babysitting Service, and enjoy a night on the town.

Our most memorable night out in Savannah was when we lucked out on a seat at the bar in the cellar tavern of the Olde Pink House. We enjoyed cocktails to the sounds of a live bassist… and I am pretty sure I saw a ghost in the powder room 😉

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