The 13 Best Drinks at Disney Springs in 2022

As hard working parents, one of our favorite parts of Disney is the ability to enjoy a drink alongside traveling with kids. After a long day at the parks, there is no better way to end the day with a drink at Disney Springs.

From fruity tropical delights to boozy classics, Disney Springs has it all, and the best part is all Disney Springs restaurants welcome kids so take your pick! Here is our list of the top thirteen best drinks at Disney Springs.

The Best Vodka Drinks at Disney Springs

Shirayuri Cocktail


This delicate blend of lime vodka, calpico, and yuzu is the perfect pairing to a date night at Morimoto. It has a subtle sweet taste, and those who try it think it’s one of the best drinks in Disney Springs.

Strawberry Cobbler


Made with Belvedere vodka, muddled strawberries, and a graham cracker crust, the Strawberry Cobbler is one of the most indulgent martinis at Disney Springs.

Strawberry Fields Forever

The Edison

Made with vodka, St-Germain liqueur, honey, lime juice, strawberries, mint, and lemonade, this cocktail is delicious and refreshing. It is one of the perfect drink to cool off after a day of walking at Disney Springs.

  • Pro Tip: Cocktails are really The Edison’s strong suit. We recommend dropping in for a drink but going elsewhere for dinner.

Duck Duck Razz

The Boathouse

There is nothing more fun that discovering a floating rubber duck in your drink. The Duck Duck Razz is vodka based with the color coming from blue curaçao. The Boathouse is a great place to get a Disney Springs drink, but the Duck Duck Razz is definitely the funnest thing on the menu.

The Best Rum Drinks at Disney Springs

The Moonshine Flight

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ offers a list of over 15 moonshine varieties, several of which are local to Florida. If you can’t decide which, to try, get a moonshine flight and try them all! Pair this with some of his famous fried chicken and you are in for a treat.

Mayan Empress


The Mayan Empress is one of Paddlefish’s featured cocktails and is a sweeter blend of rum, apricot liquor, pineapple juice, and lemon. Sipping on this delight with a view over the Disney Springs lagoon is sure to transport you away from the theme parks. If you like tropical drinks, the Mayan Empress won’t disappoint.

Frozen Drink Flight

Splitsville Lanes

Some folks don’t know that aside from luxury bowling, Splitsville Lanes has one of the best frozen drink bars in Disney Springs. They ordered three different frozen drink flights, and include drinks from margaritas to pina coladas to daiquiris. On a hot day, cool off at the Bamboo Bar at Splitsville Lanes, you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Tequila Drinks at Disney Springs

The Ilegal Paloma

Frontera Cocina

Looking for a smokey cocktail? The Ilegal Paloma is a delicious brew of Mezcal, grapefruit soda, and lime with a chile powder rim. Frontera Cocina is one of the best places for adults to enjoy higher end cocktail at Disney Springs in a fun and bright setting.

Topolo Margarita

Frontera Cocina

There really isn’t a better place in Disney Springs to get a margarita than Frontera Cocina. This Topolo Margarita made with house made limonada and orange liquor is the perfect hot day treat. Pair it with some guacamole and you will be in tequila heaven.

The Best Bourbon Drinks at Disney Springs

Silk and Lace

The Edison

The Edison is hands down the best place to get a craft cocktail in Disney Springs. Silk and Lace is on a list of The Edison’s four premium “high roller” cocktails made with the best ingredients and crafted specially by their mixologists.

Featuring the Edison’s own private Maker’s Mark, and made with cocoa nib and vanilla house infused ruby porto, this manhattan is out of this world and will be a bourbon lovers dream.

  • Pro Tip: Did you know that The Edison has mixology classes? Several evenings a month the Edison mixologists teach their secrets to Disney Springs guests. Keep an eye on The Edison website for tickets.

Apple Cider Whiskey Sour

Polite Pig

This drink is a Polite Pig favorite. Made with apple cider, rye whiskey, and brown sugar, this drink can be ordered by the glass or by the pitcher! Enjoy it with the Polite Pig’s amazing barbecue. If you don’t want a mixed drink the Polite Pig has one of the best bourbon selections in Disney Springs, and also offers whiskey flights.

Apple cider whiskey sour with ice and brown sugar whisky rim from Polite Pig

The Best Gin Drinks at Disney Springs

Gin and Tonic


Jaleo is perfect for gin lovers and serves three different types of gin and tonics depending on your gin preference. Their Ultimate gin and tonic served with Hendricks is a favorite. This is the perfect Disney Springs adult experience, and can be paired with delicious tapas with a view of the water if you get a good seat!

Enzo’s Smash

Enzo’s Hideaway

Enzo’s Smash is a tart and refreshing combination of gin, limoncellos, simple syrup and soda water. Served with a sprig of rosemary, this cocktail will appease gin lovers in an otherwise vodka-happy Disney Springs. The theming of Enzo’s Hideaway makes the whole experience fun, like being in a speakeasy. It’s the perfect setting for some good drinks or a meal with adults in Disney Springs.

The Best Sangria in Disney Springs



If you are looking for sangria in Disney Springs, stop at Jaleo. They have both red and frozen sangria options. Their sangria is on the dry side and less sweet than some, which makes it very refreshing.


Terralina Crafted Italian

Terralina is a great place to share sangria with friends and enjoy a plate of charcuterie or a rich pasta dinner. Their sangria is known to be boozy, and is on the drier side. It pairs great with their delicious Italian entrees, and is refreshing after a long day at the parks.

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