The Top 9 Fun and Unique Epcot Restaurants for Families

Imagine dining under a Mayan pyramid watching boats float by – or while searching for sharks under the sea.  Those are just a few of the experiences that the best Epcot restaurants for families can offer. While most restaurants at Epcot are kid friendly, it can be hard to pick the perfect one for your family.

We’ve tried many of the best restaurants for families in Epcot. Read on for our favorites!

Best EPCOT restaurants for Families: International Dining

The Biergarten Restaurant – Germany

The Biergarten Restaurant in the Germany Pavilion is one of the funnest family friendly restaurants in Epcot. Upon entry, you are transported to a magical Bavarian village. Long communal tables surround a stage where a German polka band puts on an hourly show.

Families are treated to cow bell competitions, an Alphorn demonstration, and live polka dancing.  Servers are dressed in traditional Leiderhosen.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is really unique, with a water mill at the side of the stage.  Families will feel like they are dining in Germany.

Food is buffet style at the Biergarten Restaurant, making it especially easy for families.  There are multiple standard options for picky eaters, but also more unique German staples Sauerkraut, German sausages, Spatzle, and Noodle Gratin.  Adults can also indulge in a German beer or Reisling sampler.

In our opinion, the Biergarten Restaurant is definitely one of the best Epcot restaurants for families due to its magical setting, and fun live entertainment. 


      • Fun with live music and a show

      • Buffet style, easy with kids

      • Beautiful interior


        • Community style seating (you might have to sit next to another family)

        • Pricey at $49 per adult, $27 per child

      Menu:  Biergarten Menu

      San Angel Inn Restaurante – Mexico

      If you love themed dining, San Angel Inn is a really fun place for families to share a meal.   Located within the Mexico pavilion, the restaurant is right in front of a giant Mayan pyramid. The boats from the Gran Fiesta ride pass by as you dine.  

      The atmosphere is what really makes this restaurant unique.  Kids will love watching the boat ride passengers cruise by their dinner table.  Adults will appreciate the simulated evening candlelight in a romantic Mexican street market.

      Food here is really good, and a bit beyond a typical Mexican restaurant.  From traditional Tortilla Soup to pork with mole sauce, adults will appreciate the unique dishes beyond standard tacos and enchiladas.  For kids, they have mac and cheese, quesadillas, and chicken tenders.  Don’t miss the San Angel Margarita.  It’s $23, but worth it!

      Overall, the San Angel Inn is a special Epcot restaurant for families looking to enjoy a nice meal in a beautiful and surreal setting.  It’s one of our favorite table service restaurants in all of Disney World.


          • Magical atmosphere

          • Excellent food

          • Kids will enjoy watching boat ride pass by


            • Some people don’t like the dark atmosphere

            • Service is hit or miss

          Menu:  San Angel Inn Restaurante

          Teppan Edo – Japan

          Nothing tops off a day at Walt Disney World with kids than a Hibachi dinner.  Teppan Edo is fun, friendly, and serves Hibachi in a way that only Disney can pull off.

          Located on the second story of the Japan Pavillion above the Mitsukoshi Department store, the atmosphere feels like a busy, bustling Hibachi restaurant.  There are shared tables, and the Hibachi chefs are spirited, and put on amazing shows as they cook.

          You can start with a sushi appetizer.  For the main course, standard proteins are available, but you can upgrade to some pretty interesting items including Japanese Wagyu strip, lobster tail, and spicy calamari.  The menu accommodates vegans and vegetarians as well.  Kids can choose between shrimp, salmon, and chicken, and picky eaters will enjoy noodles and rice served along with the hibachi meal.

          Teppan Edo is lots of fun, and is casual, noisy, and bustling.  It’s a great place to take kids to make your Epcot dining experience extra special.


              • Fun and entertaining

              • Cool international meal for kids


                • Food is pretty basic, its about the experience

                • Pricey

              Menu:  Teppan Edo Menu

              Nine Dragons Restaurant – China

              Nine Dragons Restaurant is one of the most underrated family friendly restaurants in EPCOT.  It is beautifully decorated, you can almost always get a table, and the food is really good.

              Nine Dragons is located in the China pavilion.  The restaurant is decorated with ornate wood carvings and Chinese lanterns.  The restaurant is elegant and transports you away from the hustle and bustle of the theme park.

              With Chinese menu items prepared in an elevated way, the flavors at Nine Dragons are a nice surprise.  We recommend the salt and pepper shrimp and the Canton Pepper Beef.  Kids have choices of honey chicken nuggets or Sweet and Sour Shrimp Lo Mein.

              Nine Dragons is a really nice Epcot restaurant for families.  It is more affordable than many others, and you can often get a table at the last minute. 


                  • Excellent Food

                  • Easy to get a reservation

                  • More Affordable


                    • There are more unusual foods to eat at EPCOT

                  Menu: Nine Dragons Menu

                  Via Napoli Restaurante e Pizzeria – Italy

                  While you can get Italian food anywhere, Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria is one the most popular restaurant for families in Epcot for good reason.  Their wood fired pizzas are delicious, and the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

                  Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria has the feel of a bustling Italian pizzeria.  If you are looking for some quiet, you might request the back room which is carpeted and more out of the way.

                  Food is really quite good.  Their wood fired pizzas are what they are known for, and there are several interesting varieties including Prosciutto e Melon, or Carciofi Pizza with artichoke, fontina, mozzarella, and truffle oil. There are also pastas and proteins on the menu that are equally good.

                  Kids will love the pizza, but also have the option of spaghetti or chicken tenders.

                  Via Napoli is easy, delicious, and one of the best table service restaurants for families.  We recommend it for lunch on a long day to give your feet a rest and enjoy some air conditioning.


                      • Pizzas are delicious

                      • Really easy and approachable with kids

                      • More affordable than other restaurants


                        • Not as special as some other options

                      Menu:  Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria Menu

                      Best EPCOT restaurants for Families: Unique Experiences

                      The Coral Reef Restaurant – Living Seas Pavillion

                      Imagine enjoying a meal while spotting sharks, turtles, and sting rays with your kids. That’s the Coral Reef Restaurant! It is one of the most unique EPCOT restaurants for families, and can make a dining experience that your kids won’t forget.

                      You enter an elegant restaurant decorated in blues and greens. Tables at the Coral Reef Restaurant all face a giant salt water tank which contains over 2,000 sea creatures and more than 60 species – one of the largest man-made ocean environments in the country.

                      Food at the Coral Reef Restaurant changes with the season, but is elegant, and usually features several different proteins. The kids menu has seafood options, as well as basic pasta with cream sauce or grilled chicken.

                      If your family loves the ocean, the Coral Reef Restaurant is a really fun dining experience that transports you out of Walt Disney World and into a magical underwater experience.


                          • Watch sharks, turtles and rays while you dine!

                          • Pretty restaurant, elegant setting


                            • Food is basic, you are paying for the experience

                            • Location is a bit out of the way, and might make your day planning more complex.

                          Menu:  Coral Reef Menu

                          Space 220

                          The hottest new restaurant in Walt Disney World, Space 220 is an immersive dining experience that takes you right out into the abyss.  The meal at Space 220 is completely immersive, and transports you into outer space to a space station where you will dine looking out over Earth.

                          Meals at Space 220 start by being transported in an elaborate space elevator.  Tables look out onto outer space with views of the earth below.

                          Meals at Space 220 are Prix Fixe, and the food is space themed.  Cost is a hefty $79 for adults, and $29 for kids for dinner.  Appetizers include Starry Calamari and Blue Moon Cauliflower.  Dinner is high end, and includes choices like Filet Mignon and Glazed Duck Breast.

                          At Space 220, kids have multiple options including Mission Macaroni and Cosmic Chicken.

                          If you can manage to get a reservation at Space 220, its definitely worth a visit.  While expensive, it is a completely immersive experience, and its a meal your family won’t quickly forget.


                              • Amazing themed dining

                              • High end excellent food

                              • Unique space themed drinks


                                • Hard to get a reservation

                                • Expensive Restaurant

                              Menu:  Space 220 Menu

                              Best EPCOT Restaurants for Families: Character Dining

                              The Garden Grill Restaurant – Land Pavilion

                              The Garden Grill Restaurant combines character dining with a unique atmosphere, making it one of the best kid friendly Epcot restaurants. Located in the Land Pavilion, The Garden Grill is a rotating restaurant, and spins slowly 360 degrees taking you through the different climate environments that are featured on the Living with the Land boat ride.

                              In addition to the desert, prairie, and rainforest scenes, kids will love seeing familiar characters. Pluto, Chip, and Dale are featured at the Garden Grill, and often Mickey Mouse makes an appearance!

                              The food at the Garden Grill is all you can eat family style. A skillet is delivered to your table for each meal. Meals includes barbecue chicken, steak with chimichurri, macaroni and cheese, and southern style spoon bread. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the flavorful and hassle free meal.

                              The Garden Grill is a great character meal if you are taking kids to Walt Disney World.  (For a list of all character dining restaurants in Disney, visit our Disney World Guide for Beginners.)

                              It combines a cool environment with fun meet and greets, and gives adults a chance to kick back and enjoy a drink and hearty food. We definitely recommend the Garden Grill as one of the best Epcot restaurants for families.


                                  • Rotating restaurant! Who doesn’t love that?

                                  • Cool scenery, with jungle, desert and prairie scenes from the Land ride

                                  • Character Dining! Meet Pluto, Chip and Dale!


                                    • Family style food with limited options

                                    • Price $55 for adults, $36 for kids

                                  Menu: Garden Grill Menu

                                  Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Norway

                                  The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a must for all little kids who love princesses.  It is the ultimate character dining for families in Epcot.  (For a list of all character dining experiences in Disney World, visit our Disney World Guide for Beginners.)

                                  Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is in the Norway pavilion. It is decorated like a medieval castle, and families will be greeted by several of the Dinsey princesses from Belle, to Jasmine – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Pocahontas, Mulan, Cinderella, Ariel, Alice, or Mary Poppins. 

                                  The meal at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is family style, with a fixed menu.  They serve traditional Norwegian meatballs, grilled salmon with herb butter, Norwegian chicken and dumplings, and desert is Chocolate Roulade with Lingonberry cream.  Mac and cheese is also served for the kids.

                                  While expensive ($63 for adults, $41 for kids), Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a must do if your little ones want to see multiple princesses in one place.  The character experience and decent food make Akershus Royal Banquet Hall one of the best kid-friendly Epcot restaurants.


                                      • Character Dining with multiple princesses in one place!

                                      • Food is pretty good

                                      • Totally kid friendly


                                        • Expensive Restaurant

                                        • Food is average

                                      Menu: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall Menu

                                      Dining Reservation Tips

                                      Now more than ever it is hard to get reservations at Disney World.  Advanced dining reservations open 60 days prior to the day you are visiting a park. We recommend you mark the date and get on the Disney reservation website right at 7 AM EST that day to book your preferences.  Even then, it might be hard to get some of the most popular restaurants like Space 220.

                                      If you are staying on site, you have the ability to book for your whole trip 60 days prior to your first day. This gives you an advantage over folks that are staying off site and must book one date at a time.

                                      Whatever you do, definitely make advanced dining reservations.  You will want to have at least a few table service restaurants to rest your weary legs, and some of the experiences are really memorable for families.  

                                      For more tips on Disney Dining and Reservations, visit our Disney World for Beginners Guide.  

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